nest is coming home to roost with a whole new way to play!
nest has always been a vibrant community of families living in and around City Center - whether it's gathering in the playspace or the "classroom" to help your little one develop new skills and play, sharing stories with other parents and learning new techniques to raise our children. Now, its time for that community to come together in a whole new way!
plugged in is a subscription service that brings the best of nest directly into your home.
  • Live & pre-recorded instructor-led videos, such as Family Music, Family Yoga, Art, Science and more!
  • Virtual "Field Trips" hosted by Miss Amy and Mr. Billy
  • DIY projects you can do at home
  • An online forum to communicate with the nest community and receive tips and advice on how to stay sane during this crazy time.
CLICK HERE to join our new online community nest Plugged In that brings the best of nest into your home!
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Your favorite instructors will bring a selection of your most favorite classes live and right to your living room! All of our online classes have been re-designed with your whole family in mind so they are perfect for the whole family to do together. Join us for Mr. Kelvin's Nest Family Music class and jam along on your pots and pans, grow your spirit with Miss Jaqui's Family Yoga class and grow your mind with Miss Aracely's Art of Science. We'll be bringing you weekly, re-watchable content, like Miss Amy's Messy Kitchen full of DIY art projects and sensory play.  We'll also be taking virtual fields trips to exciting places - like a tadpole pool in Ridley Creek State Park!  

Contract Terms 
The subscription cost is included in a $45 monthly membership payment. Payments automatically renew every 30 days. 

Cancellation Policy 
Membership cancellation requires a 30-day notice. Email prior to your next billing date to cancel. If you do not email before the next billing cycle, the next scheduled automatic payment will process. 
Want to Re-join?
Email to re-enroll in Nest Plugged In after previous cancellation.