or stop by/call the front desk at 215.545.NEST(6378)
Week #1 Flip, Skip, Tumble, and Play Week
It's game time! Join NEST as we start camp off with a fantastic first week full of the fundamentals of tumbling, sports, games, and fun! Get those burgeoning summer wiggles and ya-yas out in our giant indoor gym, on the airtrack, in the dance studio and say hello to summer with the best week of camp ever! As always, NEST will be focusing on teamwork, confidence building, and fun as we flip, jump, and balance on NEST’s full sized gymnastics equipment alongside our amazing movement staff! This first week of camp is perfect from GymNEST pros to all those little ones new to NEST as our every child will be encouraged to work and grow to their comfort and ability!
Week #2 Made in the USA - NEST's Salute to America!
Join NEST for this one of a kind, child focused celebration of America! With games, stories, music, and snacks all focusing on this great country of ours, your little one will come bursting with tall tales of patriotic fun!
*As NEST will be closed for the 4th of July, this week of camp is prorated for the convenience of our families.

Week #3 Rock & Rollers Week
Do you have a pot and pan band member at home? 
Is your little rock star looking to meet like-minded artists for big fun and lots of noise? Then join us for Rock and Roll camp at NEST camp! Our NEST musicians will be making special guest appearances everyday so there will always be a reason to move and groove! We'll be playing and performing in our very own rhythm band, participating in international music exploration, working on basic rhythms and tempos, singing the blues, and dancing like EVERYONE is watching! Come join the band! There's a place for everyone at NEST!

Week #4 NEST Goes Down the Shore
Want to help your little one have the adventure of the shore...but without the traffic and fights about sunscreen? Join NEST as we go down the shore with inside beaches, splash pools, seashell/sand art, and popsicle cool downs! We might even be throwing an indoor water balloon or two! There’s no such day as a rainy day here at Camp NEST! This is one beach vacay that is guaranteed to be sunny and 80 all day, everyday!
Week #5 Drama Kings and Queens
To be or not to NEST’s super fun drama week that is! Join us as our littlest NESTlings are coached in puppet making, reader’s theater, costume making, and creative movement by our resident performance superstars! This is the week that will inspire ALL of our children to shine. Whether you’re a more cautious kid or already love the spotlight, there is so much fun to be had using our imagination and creativity!
Week #6 All Things Philadelphia
Our city is a wonder and NEST wants to celebrate it! The amazing history, the incredible food, the (sometimes) fantastic teams, and all the fun that comes with being loudest, proudest city with biggest heart in the country! Join NEST as we celebrate the City of Brotherly Love and play like it's game 5 of the 2008 World Series!
Week #7 Little Hands, Big Helpers
NEST is giving back this week as we move our focus to green choices and community service. This week, NEST will attempt to generate close to 0 waste as we use recyclables to create some artistic masterpieces, herb and flower gardens, and bird feeders! We'll be talking about some kids who have helped their community in big ways and what we can do to help here in Philadelphia! We'll be stuffing bags for Project HOME, making "seed bombs" to help feed honey bees, and design a community project based on the children's interest. This week will inspire your little Nestling to shine their little light-because kids can be heroes if given the chance!
Week #8 NEST in Space
Calling all space cadets! NEST is asking you to report for duty as mission control! We need your help to traverse the universe, find new planets, and maybe even an alien or two. We'll be trying astronaut snacks (freeze dried ice cream anyone?), moving to Holst's The Planets, making costumes and going on parade as our favorite heavenly body, learn the stories behind constellations, and most over-have an out-of-this-world good time!
Week #9 (full day) STEAM Week
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math-what's NOT to love about STEAM? We'll be bringing out the very best in our budding scientists as we explore simple physics (think machine building!), creating our own photography portfolios and working with the NASA Space Station to figure out how they drink/bathe/and eat in space! STEAM has never been cooler than here at CampNEST!
Week #10 (full day) All Star Sports Week
What better way to wrap up NEST's camp season than with a championship week of sport skills? Whether you're the next Simone Biles, Nick Foles, Wayne Simmons, or Serena Williams, NEST's MVP week will keep you moving, giggling, and going for the gold! We'll be learning the basics of soccer, improving our tumbling skills, trying out lacrosse, running in relays, and so much more! This week truly has something for EVERY child so join us in saying farewell to summer (and hello to fall!) in our final week of camp!

For more information and to sign up, call the Front Desk at 215.545.NEST(6378) or sign up online here.