Refer your friends to NEST! Nestie Bestie
You both get $25 on your house account when your friend signs up for membership, a full session of classes or books a party! Referring family will also be entered to win drawing to win a free iPad! 
* MUST mention it at time of purchase to receive discount; house credit is not retroactive.

Your FIRST NEST Class is on us!
Not sure what class is right for you? Your child's very first development class at NEST class is on us! 
Sign up a week ahead of time for one of our varied classes then get signed up for the full session!

Multi-Class Discount
Take 10% o​ff any second class and 15% ​o​ff any third or more classes when enrolling in the same session.
*Preschool Bound I & II are excluded from multi-class discounts. 

Sibling Discount 
Take 25% ​o​ff​ 1 child​ when ​both siblings are enrolled in the same class.
*Preschool Bound I & II are excluded from sibling discounts. 

Twin Discount
Take 50% ​o​ff class for twin 1 when both twins are registered for the same class.
*Preschool Bound I & II are excluded from twin discounts. 
Member Pricing
Membership has its privileges! Green Members receive 10% off and Purple Members receive 20% off everything from classes to cafe and boutique purchases. 
*​Member pricing MAY be combined with multi-class discounts!​

* Discounts mat not be combined together or with any other promotion, offer, coupon, or group discounts. With the exception of membership pricing, discounts MUST be mentioned at the time of class enrollment and purchase. Discounts, coupons, or offers may not be applied to classes previously enrolled in or purchased. 


Pop in For a Drop-In!
Drop into a class anytime for just $25! You may sign up for any development class up to a week ahead of time. Classes are subject to availability. 

*Member discounts may be combined with all ongoing discounts and offers with the exception of the twin discount. 
All discounts must be applied at our Front Desk ​or over the phone ​and cannot be redeemed online​.​
Discounts may not be combined​ with any other discounts, offers, promotion, or coupons.