Leading up to the Party
1. Initial contact will be after booking party which will include a list of question the Party Coordinator will use to help plan the party; at least 2 months in advance of party date. Please complete what you can and send back to the Party Coordinator.

2. All party clients are entitled to a 1-hour phone or in-person consultation.

3. Party Coordinator will design a birthday invite graphic that can be sent out via Paperless Post, Evite, etc; or printed.


1. Your $200 deposit is refundable up to 45 days before your party.

2. Cake orders are due one week before the party. Custom and upgraded cake orders are due 10 days prior to party.
3. Any additional Décor orders are due one week before the party.

4. A Final headcount is due the Tuesday before the party. 

5. Food selections are due the Tuesday morning before the party.

Our Party Coordinator will have scheduled a time to have one last review of your party and include  - parties include up to 10 children (inclucing guest of honor). Additional children will be added to your final invoice. 

6. Drop off items such as favors, decorations, beverages, and other non-perishables must be dropped off by 5pm the Thursday before the party. Late arrivals and day-of items may be subject to a $75 fee unless approved by the Party Coordinator. As a convenience, NEST offers a 30-minute loading zone on the NW corner of 13th & Locust with a side door for easy loading.



During the Party

1. Arrival Time - 15 – 20 minutes
Children will enjoy open play while their friends are arriving.Guests will settle in and say hello to friends! 
2. Opening Circle - 15-20 minutes
It’s time to recognize the birthday child and do some introductions.Party hosts offer varied structured play not limited to parachute activities, stretchy rope, shaker eggs, bubbles, and songs.
We can incorporate you theme into some activities
3. Activity Time - 40 minutes
This is where the theme comes into play! Whatever your theme is we’ll spend this time focusing on those activities. 
4. Pizza, Happy Birthday, Cake! – 35 minutes
It’s time to enjoy pizza for kids (Adults are encouraged to eat before pizza time if little ones need help eating)Honor the birthday child with “Happy Birthday” and enjoy some birthday cake!
5. Good Byes & Party Favors - 5 minutes
NEST Hosts will give out favors (if any) as well as a Free Day Pass tied balloon from the birthday party.

* The party family and all guests must leave their party floor no more than 15 minutes after their party end time or a $75 additional half hour time fee will be charged.