Mommy + Me classes at NEST are a parent education, support and play group for first and second time parents. In our classes, parents often make new friends and always learn developmentally appropriate “tips and techniques” so they can become a more confident parent. In addition to discussion, classes feature music, movement, story time, art and sensory activities, as well as cooking. Each semester there are visits from our music and movement instructors as well as special appearances from local pediatric occupational therapists, sleep therapists, nutritionists and child psychologists. The activities and topics covered in these classes are designed to grow with your child as you move on to baby number 2!

Hatchlings (newborn – 6 months)
You just had a baby, now what? This is the place for new parents to connect, learn, share and show off their adorable new babies! In this 60-minute, discussion and support class you will meet other parents with babies of similar age and explore common concerns like adjusting to parenthood, emotional changes, infant development and everyone’s favorite topic…SLEEP, with your peers and your facilitator, a child development educator and clinical psychologist. You will also hear from guest speakers and experts in the field including sleep consultants, breastfeeding specialists, and pediatric physical, massage and occupational therapists. You will learn tips and techniques that you can use at home, lap songs that you can duplicate, age appropriate books and toys and, most importantly, you will get to bond and make lifelong connections with other new parents as you embark on this journey together. 

Movers/Crawlers Club (6 months – 12 months)
Meeting both your need for adult conversation, and your child's growing need to move and socialize, this 60-minute class is for you! At 6-12 months old, your child is starting to move, eat, and talk and this class covers it all. You will discuss everything from child proofing to sleep training, weaning to feeding, and various developmental milestones. Your child will play with others as they engage in movement activities, hear from a live musician, learn sign language, cook their own snack and participate in various sensory activities including those that may be too messy to do at home.
Toddlers in Training (12-18 months)
Beginning around their first birthday, your toddler is taking it all in. Now that they’re mobile, their curiosity is building!  Now is the perfect time for Toddlers in Training! This 90-minute class is based largely on the idea that children learn best through play, and oh boy, they will play!  Your kiddo will spend the first half of class getting tired out by our movement instructor, followed by music, storytime, cooking and snack. Led by our resident Parenting guru Joanie Nolen, parents will discuss current topics, like weaning from the bottle or breast, feeding, development and socialization.  Local specialists in occupational therapy, sleep and nutrition will also join us throughout the Semester. It will be an action packed morning, filled with fun and excitement for both mom and child!
Professional Toddlers (18 months – 2 years) 
Your toddler is really growing into herself, has blossomed into her job, and is turning into a Pro! Professional Toddlers is the place to be if you are looking to spend quality time with your little one, and her friends (while you still can). As a pre-cursor to Preschool Bound, you and your toddler will spend each week in a loosely structured 90-minute class designed to build confidence and independence in your child. Each week, your little one will bake their own snack, work on a craft, enjoy 30 minutes of movement led by one of our movement instructors, and explore new activities such as using playdoh, reading stories and assembling puzzles. While kids play, learn and grow, parents discuss the pressing topics at hand, such as potty training, language and motor development and the search for the right preschool.  Discussion topics are varied, participant focused and educator led. Local specialists in occupational therapy, sleep and nutrition will also join us throughout the Semester.

Second Time Around (6 weeks – 12 months)
More children, more love, more challenges. Whoever said one plus one is two clearly never had two small children. This 60-minute class for experienced parents provides a place to learn with peers how to handle the changes that come with a growing family. Discussion topics will include sibling relationships, infant care review, changing roles, anticipating the needs of your older child and dividing your time wisely. So grab your friends who are on their second time around, or come meet new ones, and join us at NEST!

Private Class (6 weeks - 6 years) 
Do you have a group of 8 or more friends and would like a private class for you and your little ones? Contact our Program Director, David Socha at to share your ideas.


* Stay & Play: Our members-only indoor playground is a great place to continue having fun with your child and his or her friends.
Non-members are welcome to play with a day pass up to 4 times per year for $15 plus $5 for each additional sibling.
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